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Silky Cosy rug from Rugs Original

The Solo is a modern classic piece of functional art. It is a chair like no other! Combining style, comfort and elegance.

Optimist rug from Rug Originals

Reflex rug from Rug Originals

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Contemporary Cladding from Tilt Screens

Delitherm fabric from Eshanima & Decoline Fabrics. Innovative new fabric that keeps your rooms warm and cozy in winter and cool in summer.

You do not need to sacrifice sunlight for safety. With GSA's Intruderprufe Glass you can place as much glass into your home knowing your home and family are safe from intruders. Click here for more info

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Lovely array of scatter cushions from Robert Thomson.

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Geometric shapes and tropical colours - play around with them, so says the experts. #2015Trends

Retro styled furniture is now all the rage, and we see why. #2015Trends

Natural fibers and unusual knobs and handles are also big this year. #2015Trends

Hanging geometrical lights are the to go-to lighting systems of 2015.

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Bold yet soft colours making waves this year. #2015Trends

Lovely old Hollywood inspired decor, now trending.

More trending decor ideas :-)

Examples of the decor trends for this fresh and new year.

Great vertical garden mounted on a reclaimed wood wall.

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Pretty and unconventional - We like :-)

This is just fabulous!

Great color and decor inspired by Plascon.