Category : Projects

Beautiful grey and red pavers along Durban beachfront

Shopping centre displays vibrant Corobrik Pavers

Red Corobrik pavers liven up this lovely pathway

Sidewalk shows off beautifully bright red Corobrik Pavers

Red Corobrik Pavers brighten up the outdoor area of this commercial building

This charming house has been built with Corobrik's Wolkberg Honey Face Brick

Complex homes built with Corobrik's Wild Wheat Travertine Face Brick

Residential village shines with the warm orange hue of Corobrik's Antique Travertine Face Brick

Large residence constructed with Corobrik's Antique Travertine Face Brick

Chief Albert Luthuli primary school glows with the warm colours of Corobrik's antique Travertine face brick.

Makaranga entrance area displays Corobrik's Silvergrey Travertine facebrick.

Makaranga building exterior showcases Corobrik's maize travertine facebrick.

This beautiful wall at Makaranga gardens is built with Corobrik Silvergrey Travertine facebrick.

Makaranga building constructed with Corobrik Silvergrey Travertine

Corobrik Nevada travertine pavers make this beautiful office water feature stand out.

Corobrik Tuscan blend pavers create a lovely patterned driveway throughout the Royal Palms complex

Stunning office walkway built with Corobrik Nevada travertine pavers

Royal Palms utilise Corobrik Tuscan blend pavers

The new premises of the Johannesburg Youth Orchestra at the University of Johannesburg’s Bunting Road Campus has recently been renovated. Corobrik donated their Cederberg and Burgundy pavers to pave the entrance.

New TB and Paediatric wards were built at Church of Scotland Hospital in Tugela Ferry using Corobrik’s cost-effective firelight satin FBX face brick. PICTURE CREDIT: Rodney Lutchman, Director of Rods Construction